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 PE / CPE Shoe Cover Machine

PE / CPE Shoe Cover Machine

The PE/CPE shoe cover machine comes with automatic cycle control system. The product will stop automatically if the raw material is used up. This disposal shoe cover making machine is engineered with electric heating device, which will open and close automatically along with the operation of the plastic shoe cover making equipment. Importantly, the automatic shoe cover making machine can be adjusted for the production of shoe cover in different sizes, capable of satisfying diversified customer demands.

1. The PE/CPE shoe cover machine employs touch screen and ultrasonic welding device for the perfection combination of the PE/CPE and the elastic.
2. Apart from high stability, this PE/CPE shoe cover production line offers high production capacity and high percent of pass.
3. The operation of the PE/CPE shoe cover machine is quite easy.

Technical Parameters
Shoe cover length 400mm
Shoe cover depth 140-160mm
Production capacity 80-100pcs/min
Applicable material PE, CPE
Machine weight 600kg
Overall dimensions 1500×1450×1750mm
Voltage 220V
Power 3.5kW
Spare Parts List for PE/CPE Shoe Cover Machine
Item Name Quantity
1 Knife blade 2 pieces
2 Adhesive tape for electronic components 1 piece
3 Belt 1 piece
4 Tungsten wire 1 meter
5 Adjustable wrench 1 set
5 Allen wrench 1 set
6 Screwdriver 1 piece
7 Instruction manual 1
8 Gear for welding 1 piece
Materials Consumption
Item name Flat Elastic Nonwovens
Consumption 3000pcs/kg 460pcs/kg
Specification Width: 4mm Thickness: 13-60g/m2 Materials width: 36cm
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