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    1. Roll Vest Carrier Bag Making MachineThe roll vest carrier bag making machine is by light-dependent spot-seal winding. The torque motor, equipped with automatic operating device, makes the cross section even smoother ...
    1. T-Shirt Bag Making MachineThe T-shirt bag making machines are all controlled by PLC, with length fixed by dual servo motor. Besides, they adopt liquid crystal real time display and have the HDPE, LDPE tube membrane
    1. Soft Loop Handle Bag Making MachineThe soft loop handle bag making machine has an emptying frame at the rear. The width of the film discharged is identical to the loop length. The film is cut into narrow stripes and transmitted to the top fold.
    1. Plastic Handle Bag Making MachineRuian Mingde Machinery Company is a Chinese manufacturer of plastic handle bag making machines. Our plastic handle bag making machines are new products integrating the mechanical
    1. Plastic Glove MachineThe plastic glove machines can be reformed to make gloves (frosted), shoe covers, aprons, sleevelets, table cloth, plastic and health care goods like non-woven fabric composite products.
    1. Plastic Shoe Cover MachineThe plastic shoe cover machine is specially used for automatically producing elastic plastic shoe covers with the output of 30-50 pieces/min. It is suitable for hospitals and industrial clean rooms.
    1. Folding MachineThe folding machine is one part of the heat cutting machine set, and is suitable for folding BOPP sheet with such functions as automatic gluing, pearly-luster film laminating, hobbing and longitudinal sealing
    1. Middle Sealing Machine1. Automatic error correction for unreeling
      2. Air shaft dual winding
      3. Optional gluing device applicable to trademark labeling (heat shrinking film)
    1. Multifunctional Bottom Sealing Machine1. Microcomputer control, pulling materials by step motor (with servo motor optional)
      2. Arbitrary fixed length, photoelectric tracking, stable and accurate, and automatic shutdown
    1. Flexible Printing MachineRuian Machinery Company is a Chinese manufacturer of flexible printing machines. Our ranges of flexible printing machines feature easy operation, flexible starring and accurate color register.
    1. Gravure Printing MachineThe gravure printing machine adopts rotary direct printing, with printing plate directly on the printing cylinder. It has the ink supplied by ink jet or ink dip, with no ink distributing unit.
    1. Printing Plate Making Machine The outer case of the machine is made of stainless steel, thus with durability and resistance to rust.
      It is equipped with imported Philip special plate burning
    1. Plastic Recycling GranulatorThe plastic recycling granulator is a kind of plastic recycling equipment used for breaking plastic products down so that they can be recycled.
    1. Hydraulic Punching MachineThe hydraulic punching machine is used for mould cutting of leather, paper, foam, artificial leather, and some textile materials. It features flexibility, convenience and high speed.
    1. Plastic CrusherThe plastic crusher is used for crushing leftover material of plastic products, waste products, and used plastic products before they can be recycled.
    1. Plastic Recycling MachineModel: SJ-C90
      Screw stem dia. : 90
      L/D ratio : 20:1 -22:1
      Screw stem speed : 10-100r/min

Mingde Machinery Company is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of plastic machinery based in China. It mainly provides series of blown film machines, plastic bag making machines, plastic recycling equipment and plastic processing equipment, etc., which are widely used in the manufacturing and printing of various product wrappings. Ever since the establishment of our company, we have always devoted to earning favorable comment from customers by providing high quality, low price plastic machinery. With this goal in mind, we take measures to keep strict control of our quality cost. For example, we have set up special quality departments to implement rigid quality inspection for each of our product from raw materials to parts, and to finished product, and thus the passing rate of our products can reach 100%. Besides, we strictly rein in the number of our staff, who is furnished with well-rounded skills, to save labor cost. With unremitting effort, we have successfully developed a variety of plastic machinery, including PP blown film machines, PE blown film machines, OPP bag making machines and soft loop handbag making machines, which are widely acclaimed by international customers in many countries, such as Iran, Britain, Lithuania, Nigeria, Lebanon, Rumania and Russia, etc.

Moreover, as Mingde Machinery Company is located in the eastern coastal areas of China, we have access to convenient transportation and can save the shipping charges for our clients as well. If you want to know more detailed information, please contact us. We at Mingde are ready to serve you.