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Plastic Recycling Granulator

    1. SJ-90 Plastic Recycling GranulatorThe SI-90 plastic recycling granulator is used for recycling and granulating PE, PP waste film and waste silk. The machine body is equipped with protecting cover to make operation even safer and constant temperature even more stable.
    1. SJ-C90, 100, 110, 120 Plastic Recycling GranulatorsThe SJ-C90, 100, 110, 120 plastic recycling granulators are used for recycling and granulating PP plastics. These machines have automatic constant temperature control and electric filter screen. When applying the crushing granulating, force pusher can be installed.

Plastic Recycling Granulator

The plastic recycling granulator is a kind of plastic recycling equipment used for breaking plastic products down so that they can be recycled.

Ruian Mingde Machinery Company is a Chinese manufacturer of plastic recycling granulators. We are mainly engaged in providing plastic machinery with a vast variety and complete function. In addition to the plastic recycling granulator, we also produce PP blown film machine, OPP bag making machine, T-shirt bag making machine, and more. Thanks for visiting our website. If you need the machines, please contact us. We at Mingde Machinery Company look forward to working with you.

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    1. Hydraulic Punching MachineThe hydraulic punching machine is used for mould cutting of leather, paper, foam, artificial leather, and some textile materials. It features flexibility, convenience and high speed.
    1. Plastic CrusherThe plastic crusher is used for crushing leftover material of plastic products, waste products, and used plastic products before they can be recycled.
    1. Plastic Bag Making MachineAs a type of bag making machines, the plastic bag making machine is used for processing plastic of various specifications. In addition to the plastic bag making machine, the bag making machines also include paper bag making machine, T shirt bag making machine, woven bag making machine, and more.