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T-Shirt Bag Making Machine

  • T-Shirt Bag Making Machine MD-DFR-350×2B, MD-DFR-450×2B
  • T-Shirt Bag Making Machine MD-DFR450×2C

Ruian Mingde Machinery Company is a Chinese manufacturer of T-shirt bag making machines. We provide a variety of T-shirt bag making machines of different models. The T-shirt bag making machines are all controlled by PLC, with length fixed by dual servo motor. Besides, they adopt liquid crystal real time display and have the HDPE, LDPE tube membrane as the raw material for making and printing T-shirt bags in natural color. The production from feeding, bottom sealing, cutting, notching to conveying is highly automatic and finished at one time, thus creating good economic returns. That is why our T-shirt bag making machines are so popular with customers in Iran, Britain, Lithuania, Nigeria, Lebanon, Romania, Russia and many other countries. Additionally, to meet diversified needs of customers, we also provide OPP plastic bag making machine, roll vest carrier bag making machine, heat sealing heat cutting plastic bag making machine, and more. For more information about our products, please go to our other webpage.

Technical Parameters
Model MD-DFR-350×2B MD-DFR-450×2B MD-DFR450×2C
Maximum bag width 300mm×2 400mm×2 200-400mm×2
Maximum bag length 600mm 600mm 200-600×2mm
Bag thickness 0.015-0.035mm 0.015-0.035mm 0.015-0.035mm
Speed 50-200pcs/min×2 50-200pcs/min×2 200-250pcs/min×2
Air pressure 5kg/cm2 5kg/cm2 7.5HP
Total power 7kw 9kw 7.5kW
Machine weight 1400kg 1600kg 2200kg
Machine size 6000×1400×1600mm 6000×1600×1600mm 6000×1550×1700mm
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