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Double Layer Co-Extrusion Stretch Film Machine

Double Layer Co-Extrusion Stretch Film Machine

Features of Double Layer Co-extrusion Stretch Film Machine
1. With LLDPE as its main raw material and different grades of resin, the double layer co-extrusion stretch film machine produces a single-sided or double-sided self-adhesive stretch film through extruder. The stretch film thus produced has strong tensility, puncture and impact resistance.
2. Made of 38CRNOALA alloy steel and with nitrogen treatment and precision processing, the screw has proper hardness and is durable.
3. Temperature is controlled by fully automatic controlling system. And the multi-point adjustment of the T mould produce film with uniform thickness.
4. The circulating water cooling system has good cooling effects.
5. The winder is controlled by PLC system and adopts automatic roll change. Besides, the cutting device and dual winding structure of the winder renders neat and smooth film winding.
6. Stretch film has good memory of retraction and autohension. Goods can be tightly bound by the stretch film to prevent sudden collapse in transportation and dust pollution. Besides, the stretch film has high transparency and extensibility, creating beautiful and practical packaging. It is widely used for palletizing of bulk cargo as a desirable substitute of shrink packaging film during transportation.

Main Technical Parameters of Double Layer Co-extrusion Stretch Film Machine
Model MD55 Stretch Film Machine MD65 Stretch Film Machine
Screw diameter 50mm x2 55mm x2
L/D ratio 28:1 28:1
Screw speed 10-120rpm 10-120rpm
Material of screw and barrel 38CRMOLA 38CRMOLA
Die width 750mm 1250mm
Film width 600mm 500-1000mm
Film thickness 0.015-0.04mm 0.015-0.04mm
Rewinding diameter 300mm 300mm
Output 20-40kg/h 50-70kg/h
Power of main motor 7.5kwx2 11kwx2
Heating power 30kw 45kw
Machine size 6000x2000 x2600mm 6000x2600 x2600mm
Machine weight 3500kg 4500kg

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