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Double Color Blown Film Machine

Double Color Blown Film Machine

Features of Double Color Blown Film Machine
1. The double color blown film machine is suitable for blowing a variety of colorfully striped LDPE, HDPE plastic film, which is widely used for packing food, fruit, garments, textile, daily necessities and other civil and industrial products.
2. Both the barrel and screw of the model SJ-40X2-MD600 extruder are made of superior steel alloy, and created through nitrogen treatment and precision processing with optimum hardness and strong corrosion resistance.
3. According to the technological requirements of different materials, the Model 600 machine is freely adjustable as long as the width of film is within 600mm. With the flashboard structure, the double blown film machine can be used to make T-shirt bags.
4. The coiling device is equipped with a torque motor to keep proper tension. Thus it boasts smooth and neat winding and easy roll changing.

Technical Data of Double Color Blown Film Machine
Model MD-45×2A MD-45×2B
Applicable Material HDPE
Max. Film Width(mm) 600 600
Film Thickness(mm) HD: 0.008-0.08
Max. Extrusion Output(HD)(kg/hr) 55 45
Extrusion Unit
Gear Box 2×133 133×2
Screw Diameter(mm) 45×2 45×2
Screw L/D Ratio 28:1 28:1
Screw Material 38 CRMOALA
Barrel Material 38 CRMOALA
Barrel Cooling Fan 250W×2×2 250W×2×2
Barrel Temperature Control(zone) 3 3
Main Motor Power(kW) 15 7.5×2
Width Proportion (Bi-colour film) 1:1 1:10
Extrusion Die Head
Die Size(mm) HD: Φ60
Screen Changer Standard manual control
Temperature Control(zone) 2
Air Ring(mm) Φ620
Cooling Fan(kW) 2.2
Quantity of Stick for Stable Film Blowing 1pc
Traction Unit
Roller Size(mm) Φ138×650
Embossing Roller Width 550mm
Traction Motor Power(kW) 0.75
Traction Speed(m/min) 10-80 10-60
Lifting Height(mm) 700
Winding Unit
Type of Winder Surface friction type winder
Roller Width(mm) 700
Winding Motor Power(N.M) 6
Winding Speed(m/min) 10-80 10-60
Power Supply 380V, 50Hz, 3-phase
Machine Size(m) 4.0×3.0×4.3 4.0×3.0×4.3
Optional Equipment
1) Auto loader×2
2) Double-station winder
3) Air shaft
4) Full automatic winder
5) Automatic air supply device

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