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MD-ABA Low Pressure Film Blowing Machine

ABA low pressure film blowing machine can realize three-layer co-extrusion with two host machines, one is used to extrude the inner and outer layers (layers A) and the other is used to extrude the interlayer (layer B). This film blowing machine is compatible with reclaimed materials and low-price materials; also, 50% calcium carbonate can be added to enhance the extrusion's strength without affecting its use for welding and printing. Containing calcium carbonate or LDPE, the interlayer can be cooled quicker, accelerating the production rate.

Our low pressure film blowing machine can achieve multi-layer co-extrusion and enable the film to have enhanced physical strength; it can help reduce the cost and lower energy consumption as well. After nitrogen treatment and precision machining, the high-quality steel made barrel and screw have optimal hardness and corrosion resistance. In addition, the specially designed screw featuring excellent plasticization plays an important role in the increased output.

This blown film machine is applicable to the blowing of HDPE, LLDPE and other plastic films, which are widely used in the civil and industrial packaging of food, clothing, shopping bag, garbage bag, etc.

Technical Data of MD-ABA Low Pressure Film Blowing Machine
Model MD-ABA50 MD-ABA55
Applicable Material HDPE
Max. Film Width(mm) 800 1200
Film Thickness(mm) HD:0.008-0.08
Max Extrusion Output HD 80kg/hr 120kg/hr
Extrusion Unit
Gear Box 146×2 173×2
Screw Diameter(mm) φ50×2 φ55×2
Screw L/D Ratio 28:1
Screw Material 38 CRMOALA
Barrel Material 38 CRMOALA
Barrel Cooling Fan 250W×2×2 370W×2×2
Barrel Temperature Control (zone) 3×2 3×2
Main Motor Power(kW) 15×2 22×2
Extruder Die Head
Die Size (mm) HD:φ60/80/100 HD:φ120/150
Screen Changer Standard manual
Temperature Control (zone) 3 3
Air Ring φ820mm Dual Air Ring
Cooling Fan (kW) 4 5.5
Central Stabilizing Rod 1 PCS
Traction Unit
Roller Size (mm) φ165×850 φ165×1300
Embossing Roller Width 750mm 1200mm
Traction Motor Power (kW) 1.1 1.5
Traction Speed(M/min) 10-100 10-80
Traction Height 700mm
Winding Unit
Type of Winder Surface Friction Winder
Roller Width (mm) 850 1100
Winding Motor Power (N.M) 10 16
Winding Speed(M/min) 10-100 10-80
Power Supply 380V, 50HZ, 3PHASE
Machine Size (m) 4.5×2.0×4.8 4.5×2.2×5.2
Optional Equipment
1) Auto Loader
2) Double Station Winder
3) Corona treatment unit
4) Manual Mechanics Screen Changer×2
5) Automatic Winder
6) Automatically Air Supplier
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